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Mijn echte blog kun je hier lezen: Arnoud Hugo. Mooi en interessant natuurlijk, al zeg ik het zelf.


Clear up your mess!

Clear up your mess!, originally uploaded by Verbal Jam.

A statement from the neighbours…


Is it possible to have a weblog and to remain practically unnoticed?
I guess so…
I’m curious how much time it takes before people find me.
Five minutes probably. If I was Barack Obama.
But I’m not.
Now it’s five hundred years.
If I’m lucky.

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Last month I made some eBooks in which I collected stories that I wrote in the past.
My most popular eBook has been downloaded 17 times. So far.

The books are in Dutch, so maybe that explains the low interest.
Very disappointing.
On the other hand, Holland is one of the most densely populated countries in the world. Potentially that’s a large public.

The lack of interest is not due to poor quality, I assure you.
It must be the high degree of illiteracy in this country.
Anyway, it’s not my fault!

I wish I could write better English. Then even the worst stories are good for a large public.
I’m not sure the previous sentence is correct English.
So correct me if I’m wrong.
Maybe I’ll win the Pulitzer Prize then.

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Verbal Jam

My English is rather poor. On the other hand my writing in Dutch is very good, if I may say so. Therefore the real stuff is on my weblog  Verbal Jam! Your best option is to learn Dutch in three days and continue reading there.

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